"KIPSELLA" - interview

Petya Kolcheva: on the roof of the world


On 22 of May 2009, Petya Kolcheva became the first Bulgarian woman who reached Everest (8850 m). She did it together with her husband Kamen Kolchev.
Here is an extract of the short interview given by Petya exclusively for KIPSELLA ADVENTURES:
- What is the alpinism for you sport, tourism, hobby, entertainment...?
- All of these. And also a revelation, a triumph of beeing alive.
- When and how did you start doing alpinism?
- At Sofia University, in the Traveller's club led by Vassil Grouev, professor in physics.
- What was your experience before Everest?
- Pik Lenin (7134 m) in Pamir in 1986, an expedition in Garval Hymalayas in 1988, Mon Blanc in Alpes in 2001, Mc Kinley (6194 m) in Alaska in 2003, Aconcagua (6994 m) in Andes in 2004, Korjanevska (7134 m) in Pamir in 2005, Cho O You (8188 m) in Hymalayas in 2007.
- Could you please tell us about your book?
- It is based on a collection of my e-mails written to my friends during the expedition. After my return back, they were made up. It is a true confession about this extraordinary period of my life.