"KIPSELLA" - interview

Kostadin Georgiev: in sea's depths


Divuing center "Crazy shark" in Sozopol, Bulgaria is created in 2000. Since 2007, it is the first Bulgarian five star PADI diving center. The center includes hotel, school and has its own small ship for 12 divers.
Here is an extract of the short interview with Kostadin Georgiev from "Crazy shark", exclusively for KIPSELLA ADVENTURES:
- When did you strat to practice diving?
- In 1993. At that time I was working in the system of the Ministry of inferior and to dive was part of my jop duties.
- Tell us about the diving cenetr in Sozopol. Who are its most frquent visitors?
- „Crazy shark” is the only diving club in Bulgaria for training of instructors with level 5 stars by the system PADI. The most frequent visitors are for 1-st level of training (Open Water Diver). They are people who want to find the beauty of the sea's depths. And when they see this beauty, they come back many times.
- What is the diving for you? What is the feeling when you are there, under the sea level?
- The diving is pleasure. It is like being in open space, in weightlessness.